Meet Alyssa McKenzie

The Founder, the Owner, and the Creator of all things Glamourlyss Design!

I am so thankful to have you here! I would have never thought that when starting this 'hobby' back in 2018 for my then boyfriend, now husband, would turn into basically a second full time job. 

Glamourlyss Design came about, when my husband (who currently plays in the NFL), was playing for the Chiefs, was going to be playing his hometown team, the Greenbay Packers in Greenbay, Wisconsin. So, My sister, and I decided to make matching jackets because her boyfriend (who also plays in the NFL), was playing for the Packers at the time, we were playing eachother. We took a random trip to Michaels and I kid you not, I spent  hours in my little office figuring out a Cricut. After tons of trial and error, came about two beautiful jackets that turned heads at Lambeau Field. I posted the jacket on my Instagram and the rest is history! 

Fast forward to 2022, Glamourlyss Design has become prominent in the stands at primarily football stadiums and looking to expand across ALL sports! I create items such as shirts, crewnecks, jackets, puffers, hats, beanies, bags, purses, backpacks, and so much more! I have made bridesmaid boxes, cups, and a few other random projects.

Something I pride myself on is that I enjoy BLING! Bling it up, make it shine, and be extra! Bling'ing, is tedious, it is time consuming, and done one by one. It is therapeutic for me. People think I am crazy, but it truly just soothes me and helps pass time by. 

Why do I need to pass time by? Well, I am a Wife, Mother, Event Manager, Small Business Owner - all while my husband (for 7-8 months out of the year) lives away for his job (playing in the NFL). Glamourlyss Design has created an outlet for me to stay busy during the season, while I do everything in between. How do I do it all? I honestly don't know, but I just do it. I am the type of person who always has to be doing something. Now, do not get me wrong I do enjoy down time and time to myself, but doing something I enjoy while also bringing in another source of income is rewarding - especially in my family's particular situation. 

ANYWAYS - I am SO excited to share with you my business and I hope you enjoy my creations! Your support is why I am here, is why you are reading this, and is why I have made this a small business! Please remember, I am a 1 Team business and do everything myself, so always  remember to be kind and give myself some grace as I do have other roles outside of the business.

I can't wait to see you looking GLAMOURLYSS wearing your next customized item! 

Alyssa McKenzie